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Testing Procedures


What is it:
Every software program requires an intricate testing process before a company can release it to consumers. It involves using a series of digital tools to ensure that a product functions and fulfils its design requirements. It also involves checking a program's ability to function on different hardware devices and store confidential information. As companies often design their testing processes based on a few critical components, it may be helpful for a software developer to understand fundamental aspects before applying to job positions.

What are the different components involved to enable software testing:

  • Unit testing: This test involves evaluating individual lines or areas of code to determine if they require modification. Developers often create a different unit test for every project they complete to ensure they examine a program's key elements.

  • Integration testing: Software developers use this testing process to determine whether they can merge different areas of a program's code successfully. They can also use integration testing to observe how one software program interacts with the code of another. 

  • System testing: After integration testing is complete, an external testing professional typically conducts this process to determine if a product fulfills user expectations. It's important for a software developer to understand the steps of this process, as testing professionals often communicate critical suggestions for alterations.



In Short:

Software testing is imperative, as it identifies any issues and defects with the written code so they can be fixed before the software product is delivered. Improves product quality. When it comes to customer appeal, delivering a quality product is an important metric to consider.

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