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Webinar Series: Introduction to Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric delivers an integrated and simplified experience for all analytics workloads and users on an enterprise-grade data foundation.

Join our practical webinar to learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Fabric firsthand from our expert team.

Webinar 1:  23 July 2024

Data Engineering
Discover how you can simplify data engineering with the tools you already know—like Synapse—in Microsoft Fabric.

Data Warehousing
Learn how to build a data warehouse on top of OneLake, unify datasets, and connect to machine learning, analysis, and visualization tools—helping unlock intelligent decision-making.

Webinar 2:  25 July 2024

Power BI
Easily connect data sources and create reports with cutting-edge visualizations to unlock insights for your organization. See how building reports is now more simple, productive, and effective.

Webinar 3:  30 July 2024

Data Science

Build and optimize machine learning models with your preferred open-source frameworks, languages, and tools.

Register now to join our webinar series starting on 25 July 2024 at 10:00 and transform your analytics capabilities.

Webinar 4: 1 August 2024

Real-Time Analytics
Use Microsoft Fabric Real-Time Analytics to ingest data from multiple sources, uncovering insights that help you improve products, enhance customer experiences, monitor devices, and boost operations.

Register for one or all of our webinars on the following links:

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