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Apps & Innovation

We deliver custom software application development services

Software Development

Apps are the gateway to a seamless digital experience, and innovation in software is the catalyst driving transformative solutions, propelling businesses into the future of technology and growth


Innovative Apps & Software

Unlocking Business Potential with TrueNorth Group's Custom Software Development Services - Scalable, Efficient, and Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Productivity and Performance. Our comprehensive suite of services includes cloud, web, desktop, and native application development, addressing diverse business needs while enabling seamless scalability and boosting efficiency. With a team boasting multi-year experience and domain expertise, we craft one-of-a-kind digital solutions for clients across multiple industries, ensuring compliance with industry-standard practices and secure coding approaches, ultimately bringing our customers' business ideas to life and propelling their growth and success. Additionally, our cloud application development and system integration solutions cater to complex IT systems, while our software testing and QA services ensure the delivery of expected value, solidifying TrueNorth Group as a trusted partner in transforming, growing, and prospering businesses

Software Development Lifecycle and DevOps

TRUENORTH GROUP aims to tackle the technical side of a business in the fastest, most effective way possible and make sure nothing prevents a company’s digital overhaul.

The TRUENORTH GROUP uses best practices of the Software Development Life Cycle Management process where we see more success and have an easier time developing software in stages.  The SDLC process applies equally well for minimum viable products which are part of the Lean start-up approach, as well as full blown projects.

The TRUENORTH GROUP's approach to modern software development:

Software Development Process

Speciality Services

The TRUENORTH GROUP has the following skills and services resident within the Group that allows for the execution of projects in a timely and professional manner.

Speciality Services

Technologies Used

The TRUENORTH GROUP delivers powerful successful projects by using the following technologies: 

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