The TRUENORTH GROUP assists companies to formulate comprehensive data analytics, software development and digital enablement strategies.

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Owning a compass doesn’t imply you know where you’re going. In today’s fast-paced world your business requires to be digitally disrupted, transformed and ready.

The TRUENORTH GROUP assists companies to formulate comprehensive data analytics, software development and digital enablement strategies using intelligent and innovative software solutions to achieve more with a focus on driving SMART business outcomes.

Digital Activation and Transformation, Building Digital and Data Driven Solutions.

Training the Business to ask the right questions whilst using tools and technologies to better answer these questions.

Data Analytics and AI

Enabling business to make better decisions by better analysing and utilising their data through descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Digital Enablement

Digital enablement services go hand in hand with our strategic consulting services by helping organisations get the most out of their digital solutions by putting people at the centre of everything.

Software Development

Developing business tools where the business has a specific requirement for a custom web or mobile application.

TRUENORTH GROUP Incubation is a bold new incubator focused on the incubation of technology startups – brought to you by the TRUENORTH GROUP.


Our Story

THE 21st CENTURY will go down in history as the century of disruption.

Disruption is experienced by each one of us daily but the biggest disruption by far is that experienced by organisations, having to change their business models to meet the on-demand economy to stay relevant. Having the insights and instinct to make the right decision is core to a successful business in today’s fast spinning world. The question is what can we expect of future direction? It’s a bit like having a compass which can only show you Magnetic North when what you’re wanting to do is to find True North, an elusive destination in today’s VUCA world.

The TRUENORTH GROUP is a group of companies that partners with business in their data driven digital activation and transformation journey. No matter where a business is in the journey, TRUENORTH GROUP can assist with planning and implementation of the business’ data strategy, processes, and technologies… Being part of the TRUENORTH GROUP team means that you are exceptional at what you do. The highly capable TRUENORTH GROUP team has the expert skills, knowledge, experience, know-how and key competencies to assist customers to grow, succeed and surpass through the harnessing of their data.

The TRUENORTH GROUP’s services help organisations position themselves as innovators with an outside-in approach and enhance their business operations by improving their reach to customers and achieve digital goals. We help them leverage the power of data to stay ahead of the competition.

Strategic consulting & digital transformation services that evaluates organisations landscapes enabling them to achieve their digital goals. With a deep understanding of the industry to contextualize services, we help companies define a strategy, select appropriate technologies based on requirements and budget, and identify the best solution with an actionable roadmap to meet and empower better decisions.

We are at the forefront of building digital, and data driven solutions that deliver improved decision-making capabilities in every business and industry. The TRUENORTH GROUP understands the criticality of each piece of data in today’s world and in the next generation. The TRUENORTH GROUP was born to give its expertise in the world of big data, analytics & software development.

Our strategic business consulting services help organizations foresee the important considerations in any key analytics initiative to streamline the entire journey. The services cover the three key areas of digital transformation namely: Technology, People, Process, and Business consulting.

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Our Partners, Technologies, & Industries

We serve the following industries:

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Agriculture

  • Aviation

  • Financial Services Industry

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • FMCG

  • Mining


Services Offerings

We have these competencies resident in our Group

We can help you in the following ways:

  • An Analytics in a day workshop

  • A dashboard in a day workshop

  • Modern Data Architecture (MDA) Strategy using Azure Synapse Analytics

  • State of the Art Software Development and Mobile Application services and solutions

  • Digital Enablement & Change Management

  • Business Intelligence & Predictive Modelling

  • Big Data Analytics & Graph Database Roadmap

  • Cloud Analytics and Migration Strategy

Contact us today and one of our business improvement advisors and digital transformation consultants will reach out to you.

MicrosoftTeams-image.png is a bold new incubator focused on the incubation of technology start-ups; brought to you by the TRUENORTH GROUP.

We are currently accepting proposals from tech start-ups to join our 2022 business incubation program. is a program aimed at young tech entrepreneurs with an innovation tech business concept that can be executed and built to scale.

The TRUENORTH GROUP invests in tech start-ups by providing business, technical and financial support. provides support in the following ways:

  • financial investment

  • office space and use of facilities

  • business coaching and mentoring

  • technical infrastructure (computers, software, servers, licenses, cloud infrastructure, etc.)

  • assistance with technical architecture and development

  • access to shared and back-office services


Qualification criteria:

Candidates must pitch their idea, demo their concept and, present a high-level business plan.

The entrepreneur also needs to commit to building a working prototype within 6 months of entering the incubator. If the business is accepted into the incubator, we will:

  • provide seed funding up to the value of R50,000 to get to a working prototype

  • assist with development guidelines, best practice, architecture and design

  • provide the technical infrastructure and other requirements

  • assist with the branding, corporate image and website

  • assist in registering the business and the handling of all legal requirements

  • assist with a proper business plan for the business

  • assist with getting the business ready for demo day (demonstration day to pitch to investors for further funding if required)