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Emotional Intelligence


What is it:
EQ is a set of emotional skills that makes people great at managing themselves and interacting with others. It allows you to be aware of, use, understand and mange emotions. It allows provided a space where you can understand the impact your emotions can have on others.

The benefit of EQ in the workplace:

  1. People with a higher EQ tends to understand themselves better.

  2. You are more likely to be open to feedback that will help you improve.

  3. You will be able to stay calm in the face of highly emotional reactions of others.

  4. You can use EQ to foster trust and maintain a positive culture and demeanor among team members.

  5. You are more likely to manage the stress and anxiety that the challenges of change often present.

EQ development techniques:

  1. Manage your negative emotions: You are less likely to become overwhelmed if you can manage and lessen your negative emotions. At work, practice mindfulness and observe how your perspective shifts.

  2. Be mindful of your vocabulary: Concentrate on improving your job communication skills. Use more specific language to communicate inadequacies.

  3. Practice empathy: Practice focusing on others and walking in their shoes, even if just for a moment. Empathetic statements do not excuse unacceptable behavior, but they help remind you that everyone has their own stuff.

  4. Know your stressors: Take stock of what stresses you out and be proactive to have less of it in your life.

  5. Bounce back from adversity: Everyone encounters challenges. To help you bounce back from adversity, practice optimism instead of complaining. What can you learn from this situation? Ask constructive questions to see what you can take away from the challenge at hand.

In Short:

EQ is a set of skills that is rooted in our emotions. EQ helps us to effectively manage ourselves and our relationships by ensuring that we understand the impact our emotions can have on ourselves and those around us. Awareness generates understanding. 

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