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Artificial Intelligence – Integrated into Microsoft Synapse Analytics

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Azure Synapse Analytics enables the building of business-critical analytic models in Azure Synapse studio without leaving the Modern Data Warehouse environment.

As the data in your business grows, it becomes difficult to analyse and spot trends and patterns with the naked eye - opening opportunities for the power of artificial intelligence. A combination of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are harnessed to exploit data and innovatively craft solutions that can used by business to build the business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are terms that are often mixed or interchanged. In short, ML is only a subset or application of AI as a concept. ML allows systems to learn from historical data and automatically adapt or adjust without human interference, ML is made possible by a series of algorithms applied to various datasets. These algorithms analyse data in near-real time and provides possible scenarios which can be actioned based on accuracy or confidence derived from previous experience.

Machine learnings aims is to gain knowledge - artificial intelligence aims to extract wisdom or intelligence. Some examples and applications of machine learning that we use daily include:

  • Predictions and recommendations on travel routes like Google Maps.

  • Virtual personal assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, that collect and refine interactions based on previous information.

  • Email spam and malware filtering.

  • Face and object recognition on mobile devices allowing for the search for people, places or specific items in a photo.

  • Recommendations on social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, recommending ‘people you may know’.

  • Video surveillance and monitoring that identifies unusual behaviour.

  • Online customer support where computer chatbots assist customers with intelligent and automated responses to their queries.

Machine Learning (ML) forms an integral part of the Azure Synapse Analytics and can be used in several different predictive analytic scenarios. The required outcome will drive the type of algorithm to be applied. Microsoft is a leader in machine learning and Synapse supports algorithms for:

  • Text Analytics - derives high-quality information from text

  • Image Detection - classifies images with popular networks

  • Regression - makes forecasts by estimating the relationship between values

  • Clustering - separates similar points into intuitive groups

  • Recommenders - predicts what someone will be interested in

  • Two-Class Classification - answers simple two-choice questions like true or false

  • Multiclass Classification - answers complex questions with multiple possible answers

  • Anomaly Detection - identifies and predicts rare or unusual data points

The TrueNorth Group (a Microsoft Gold Partner) is facilitating ‘Analytics in a Day’ workshops with companies that are interested to deep dive into the technology and accelerate their journey towards a modern data warehouse in Azure. Our analytics in a Day workshop is a great way to get started on Azure Synapse Analytics a focused session that will address customer’s specific needs.

Interested? Let us help you build your Machine Learning models.

Complete our Expression of Interest form here.
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