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It is July and this year Microsoft Power BI turns 5!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Microsoft Power BI has been a game changer ever since the release of the technology five years ago. Since this first release, we have assisted various corporations, big and small, to make better decisions faster and to be more data driven in their approach.

As businesses become more digitally and data enabled, their data platform typically becomes centre to any business decision.

Microsoft Power BI puts the ability to analyse data back in the hands of business through interactive data access and self-service analytics. Questions can be answered without a reliance on dedicated IT personnel or report developers and business is empowered to help themselves.

To assist businesses in their digital journey, TrueNorth Analytics will sponsor free ‘Power BI Dashboard in a Day’ training sessions. These are full day sessions spent with a company (remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions) to understand their analytical requirements and build a functional analytical model, dashboards and reports in Power BI to answer some key business questions.

If you are interested and want to book a session, then register here.

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