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AgriGate Customer360 is an awesome platform!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The AgriGate Customer360 is an awesome platform developed by TrueNorth with a focus on business in the Secondary Agricultural sector. The solution integrates all customer data and creates a 360-degree view of the customer’s interactions with the business. Through the implementation of advanced analytics, we can start to identify opportunities to better service the customer – this is done by the better and in-time understanding of the customer’s requirements and customizing the business’ offering accordingly.

Focus main areas within the platform includes:

  • Farm Management (Planning & Actuals)

  • Commodity Trading Contract Integration

  • Marketing

  • Retail

  • Mechanization

  • Infrastructure

  • Insurance

  • Finance & Debtors Reporting

Have a look at some of the customisable dashboards implemented for one of our industry leading customers. The sample gives a high-level overview a member’s interaction for specific season. Each section has drill-down capability and detailed reports for in-depth and transactional analysis.

Contact us at should you be interested in running a pilot project for your business or would like more information on this or similar solutions.

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