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Focus on Agriculture - Get 360° customer analytics

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

A 360-degree view of a customer is definitely not a new concept but is rarely properly implemented, analyzed and understood by business. The concept of a 360-degree view of a customer constitutes a single, end-to-end view of the customers journey and experience with your business, and to enable these analytics we need data and lots of it.

But even if you have all this data, we know that collecting Data is only the base of the Data Pyramid – we still need to get to Information, Knowledge and Wisdom.

When it comes to enterprises or businesses supporting Agriculture, the customer in 99% of the scenarios will be the producer or farmer. The other key differentiating factor from other customer interactions is that the customer journey does not start when the farmer enters your store, but much earlier when they start doing their planning for the next season and harvest.

Companies that are based on the traditional Farmers Co-Op model know this business model all too well. For the Farmer to plan his harvest he would need finance, inventory such as seed and fertilizer, equipment such as tractors and implements, operational requirements such as fuel and sundries and then want to market his product at the best possible price. They would also need insurance should something go wrong. If you know what your customer is planning, you can surely give your customer the best possible deal and/or service in each of the touchpoints within your business, right?

The challenge is that not just one person in your organisation is servicing the customer and, how do you as a company know that you have all the customer’s potential business. It is for this reason that we developed the TrueNorth Agri Customer 360 model that specifically focuses on agriculture and enterprises servicing this very important sector within our economy. Our fast-start solution*, built purely on a Microsoft Data Analytics platform, looks at each of the focus areas within agriculture and builds an end-to-end customer view.

Proper customer analytics need to be able to provide potential when it comes to customer interaction as well as identify any gaps. With the TrueNorth Agri Customer 360 model you can do both.

If you would like more information around our Agri Customer 360 analytics and other solutions, please contact us at and we will contact you directly.

The TrueNorth Agri Customer 360 fast-start solution is a reference architecture built on industry knowledge and experience. The solution will differ from company to company and effort to implement will be determined by the complexity of the company’s systems and availability of data.
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