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Focus on agriculture – Farm with precision

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The world’s population is growing by the day and, other than all the social and economical considerations, every new person in this world needs to eat. The other worrying fact is that, due to a variety of climatic, environmental and human factors, the world’s arable land is in decline and decreases year on year.

In addition to the above farming is a business with very little margin - ask any producer and they will tell you that if you do not manage every variable, you can end up with a big financial loss.

The conundrum is therefore, how do we feed more and more people with less and less land, while making it financially viable for the producer?

Part of the solution is Precision Agriculture or better known as Precision Farming. Precision Farming is an approach to farm management that uses Information Technology (IT) to ensure the end-to-end process of crop cultivation is optimally managed. Precision Farming uses data to ensure that the crops (down to each plant) and soil receives exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity.

TrueNorth Analytics has partnered with different role players in the agriculture sector to build an Analytical Data Platform for Precision Farming built 100% on Microsoft Data Analytics technologies. This analytical platform ensures that all business-critical data is integrated and managed to ensure a single window to the producer’s own data, but also benchmark data to compare and measure against.

If you would like more information on TrueNorth’s solutions on Precision Farming, contact us at and we will contact you directly.

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